YAIBA2 24 Kit

YAIBA2 24 Kit


The YAIBA models have inherited the great Canopus sound and have also specialized and refined the concept of the original YAIBA – but they sit in a much more affordable price range. This is a “dream come true” for those drummers who have always wanted to easily have the Canopus sound.

In producing these drums, we adopted a different approach for the shell construction, heads and hardware. In addition we switched from nitrocellulose lacquer, the use of which is particularly costly and time consuming, to a different type of lacquer – one used by many other drum makers for their high-end models. This has reduced the time of the drying process, shortened our overall production time and enabled us to significantly reduce the price.

YAIBA II’s Groove Kit (All Birch) and Bop Kit (All Maple) have different shell materials as a result of sound make-up specialized for the purpose of use.
It created a completely new concept of using it.

24” drum kit, which is becoming mainstream in the United States, has also been added to the lineup, expanding the range of choices.
A neutral characteristic that makes it easy for players to create their favorite sound, and packed with innovative ideas to achieve good cost effective.

Yaiba 24 has the wide tuning range. Whether tuned loose, tight or muffled, it is impressive that it maintains a well-balanced sound.

It is indeed a drum kit of unmatched price and value.

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Please note :
*Photo shown is just an example. Hardware, Cymbals, additional tom / floor tom and other items on the photo are not included. Only drum(s) specified in the description is included.
*Bass drum comes standard with no tom mount installed except Yaiba Maple bass drum.
*If a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum, please purchase a tom holder separately. When a tom holder is purchased with a bass drum, we determine that a tom mount needs to be installed on a bass drum.
*When you choose mat lacquer, the photo shown is gloss lacquer. The actual purchased product will be in mat lacquer if you choose mat lacquer.
*Photo might not show the hoop type you selected, but your purchased item will come with the hoop type you chose.
*Colors on the photo might be slightly different from the actual color.

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Snare Drum

With, Without


Dark Wine Red Matt LQ, Antique Natural Matt LQ, Indigo Matt LQ, Antique Ebony Matt LQ, Antique Brown Matt LQ, Rose Sparkle LQ



14″x24″BD 9″x13″TT 16″x16″FT

Hoop : Steel 2.3mm
Shell : Birch
Lug Type : Japanese Sword Lug
Lug Color : Chrome
Drum Head : UT Remo Clear

Photos from Instagram

Thank you Christian Euman christianeuman for coming to the HQ today! He was in Japan with jacobcollier in November and he is here with saragazarek now.
He is testing on Yaiba 24 kit with 14 x 6.5 Zelkova snare drum, and with the Key Muffler (KM-1) on the floor tom!
Follow christianeuman for upcoming shows!

#jacobcollier #saragazarek #canopusyaibadrumkit #canopuszelkovasnare #canopuskm1


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Preview de Nuevo video de solo de batería!
A preview of a New drum solo video.
You can watch this full video:
YouTube: https://youtu.be/w7wMev6uzDI

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#drumsolopreview #drumsteaser #drummerlifestyle #rivequirozdrums
#agopcymbals #istanbulcymbals

Sígueme en YouTube: Rivelino Quiroz Castillo.

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Wishing a very Happy 70th Birthday to the one-and-only Stevie Wonder!
Fun Fact: In addition to his singing, song-writing & piano playing genius, Stevie is also a great drummer!


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Nice set up from markwhitfieldjr. He used 12 x 8 The maple snare drum as an additonal tom/snare drum.


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