Replacement wire for other brand For Radio King Style Clam Shell

Replacement wire for other brand For Radio King Style Clam Shell


CANOPUS Vintage snare wire for Slingerland Radio King with “Clamshell” strainer is finally available!
Canopus Vintage snare wires are now available for Slingerland Radio King with “Clamshell” strainer!
Great news for Slingerland Radio King users!
Snare wires for exclusive use on Radio King 14” snare drums with “Clamshell” strainer are now available from Canopus.
The sound of these wires blends beautifully with the sound of 1ply maple and faithfully reproduces the classic “fat” and “dry” sound.
For anyone who is looking for a tone that is as close as possible to the original snare sound, these snare wires are essential!
Item Number: CPSL-14DR-SRK
Long scale 404mm
Number of Strands : 20
Compatible models: 14″ Slingerland Radio King with “Clamshell” strainer.
This is different for CANOPUS Vintage Wire! Special compound steel wire made in Japan!
Accurately analyze the components of the vintage Slingerland snare wire and use the same material!
Completely reproduced the original specifications of wire diameter 0.5 mm, wire outer diameter 1.35 mm, and pitch 3.4 mm, which were considered impossible for mass production!

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


20 Strands
Length : 404mm
Hole : Φ4mm
For Slingerland Radio King with “Clamshell” strainer made between 1940 and 1962.
Snare Wire model number at that time: S-2016

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Improving something that's already great? .
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