Jonathan Pinson Signature Snare Drum 7 x 14

Jonathan Pinson Signature Snare Drum 7 x 14


The motivation for making this snare was to create a practical, versatile, yet vintage sound for drummers to use in a concert or studio setting.
The primary purpose of the maple/poplar hybrid shell is to give the snare the unusual and unique ability to have both an extreme high and low tuning range. The 45° internal angle of the edge shape makes it easy to tune both low and high. As a result, the sound is vintage and warm sounding. The shell also has a beautiful oil finish.

[About snare wire]
Compared to the 20 strand, the 16 strand has less of a snare wire sound, giving more sound from the drum shell itself, and resulting in a thicker and “woodier” sound.

[About the hoop]
After much experimentation I decided that the 2.3mm Power Hoop was the best choice to facilitate the low tuning.

[About the internal muffler]
My favorite feature about the snare is the internal muffler! If you’re looking for the snare to cut out more of the high end harmonics the muffler does that easily.

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Additional information

Weight 11 kg



Sandstorm Oil



Size : 7” Depth x 14” Diameter
Shell : 7ply Maple / Poplar
Color : Sandstorm Oil
Hoop : 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoops (Gold Color)
Lug : Solid Brass Tube, 8 Lugs
Hardware : Gold Color
Snare Wire: 16 Strand Vintage Snare Wire
Head : Smooth White Coated
With Baseball Bat Inner Muffler (Chrome Color)

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