Hammered Bronze Snare Drum

Hammered Bronze Snare Drum



With a wide frequency range, comparable to a wooden shell, the Canopus’ Hammered Bronze snare combines the tonal depth and richness of our hammered shell with the power of bronze.


Our bronze shell combines the full, soft sound characteristics of copper with a hint of the crisp, high overtones of tin. The hammered finish controls the complex overtones and gives a richer tone. Despite being a metal shell, its sound character and response has the wide frequency range and tonal characteristics of a wooden snare drum.

The Hammered Bronze creates an overwhelming presence with its 6.5″ depth.

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Additional information

Weight 11 kg

5.5, 6.5


Hoop : Die Cast
Shell : Bronze 1mm
Lug Type : Solid Tube Lug (8 Lugs)
Lug Color : Brass
Snare Wire : CPSL-14NP
Drum Head : USA Remo (Coated Ambassador)

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I love this snare! I’ve used it in lots of different settings over the last year and I’ll also be recording it on my latest album in a couple of weeks. It’s a privilege to be part of the Canopus family.


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Photo from our booth at musiccitydrumshow in Nashville!
photographer paulxblmt


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Kenny Washington and the Canopus Hammered Bronze Snare 🥁

#canopusdrums #designedtobedifferent #madeinjapan #drums #snaredrum

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My neighbors love hearing this one


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