Mahogany Snare Drum

Mahogany Snare Drum


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Weight 11 kg

5.5, 6.5


Wrap, LQ


Aqua Satin, Black, Black Onyx, Black Satin, Black Spkl, Blue Onyx, Blue Spkl, Blue-Oyster, Champagne, Citrus Mod, Ginger Glitter, Gold Spkl, Green Spkl, Marmalade Swirl, Merlot Glitter, Merlot Spkl, Mod Orange, Psychedelic Red, Red Satin, Red Spkl, Silver Spkl, Sky Blue Pearl, Turquoise Oyster, Vintage Pearl, W.M.P, White Satin, Signal Green Ripple, Brown Burst LQ, Blue Liqueur LQ, Light Bordeaux LQ, Natural Mahogany LQ


Hoop : Steel 2.3mm
Shell : 6ply Mahogany+Poplar+Birch 6.5mm w/ Maple Reinforcement Ring
Lug Type : Solid Tube Lug (8 Lugs)
Lug Color : Brass
Snare Wire : CPSL-14DR
Drum Head : USA Remo (Coated Ambassador)


  • Marco Steffiano

  • Im using the 14x6,5 mahogany snare. I love it. Its sounded big, deep but has a lot of crack. I usually use a medium low tuning.

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#repost from drumcenternh “Warm, punch and character is what this canopusdrums mahogany snare is all about.” 🥁

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Canopus Mahogany Snare Drum 🥁
Available now at drumcenternh
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